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Knife Applications Review
Conversations Review
Personal Protection Skills Review
Tactics: Shooting in Context Review
Pistol Applications Review
Knife Applications Review

"Can’t thank you enough, Mike. The conveyance of the methodologies are perfect for people at every level of know how and I’m proud to be a student of the elite you. It’s cool how this compliments things I’ve learned in the past with local people here AKA Guro B. Frank. Looking forward to the new material."

Nick P.

Conversations Review

"I just got through the Elite Mentor Stories and that was absolute gold! Really hitting hard on that “leave em wanting more” idea! I could easily listen to 120 minutes of that"

Chris K.

Personal Protection Skills Review

"I signed up for this because I’ve seen Michael around on YouTube and I love the way he explains things. I was not expecting all of the extra information, stories, and wisdom that he is also passing on. Thank you for all of the extra lectures, this kind of information is so hard to find in the world of law enforcement today."

John M.

Tactics: Shooting in Context Review

"I remember learning from a mutual friend. I can clearly remember saying, ”That’s brilliant. Who came up with that?”

He replied, ” Jack Nevils.”

Thank you for the contributions to protecting and preserving life and sharing the lessons learned."

Joseph W.

Pistol Applications Review

"Real experience reflects in important details.Very good info"

Aleksey S.