Law Enforcement Training

Elite You runs LE specific training through 2 primary companies.  Both offering unique and valuable programs designed to compliment, or take the place of current defensive tactics programs.  If you would like for Elite You to create a custom program for yourself as an LEO, or for your department, please contact us directly at

National Force Training Academy

For some of the best training to compliment your current program, contact Jimmy Terrell at   You will find many of his videos here on Elite You to view what he teaches, his mindset, and the value that he can bring to your personal training and/or to your PD.

Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics

For a great replacement program for your current defensive tactics program, or to add another layer of training, you cant go wrong with SSGT.   For those that are trained within an LE Course by Jack and/or Mike, you will find that SSGT is usually the originating source for the training.  Find out more about their training solutions at 

ABOUT SSGT: As a Defensive Tactics & Firearms Training System for Criminal Justice, Military Police and Security Officers, Strategic Self-defense & Gunfighting Tactics (SSGT) is dedicated to practical, effective and court defensible techniques and tactics. This system is a leader in addressing the most serious situations officers face in the line of duty. SSGT addresses these situations with the use of objectively reasonable force. SSGT offers tactically documented programs with organized methods of instruction, addressing both officer and subject safety.

iAcademy Law Enforcement Training

Check out some of the LE specific training offered on our iAcademy Platform.